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His godlike skills and superhuman technique using the Pioneer CDJ has drawn much attention and the video of his performance released by Pioneer DJ received heavy traffic from around the world! YAMATO won the “burn WORLD DJ CONTEST 2013 JAPAN,” held by Coca-Cola, only 2 years after his DJ debut. 

At the world contest in Ibiza Spain, he was selected by Avicii and became the first Japanese person to co-performed with him in Budapest Hungary.  He has also performed at various big music festivals Summer Sonic / Ultra Music Festival / EDC etc His DJ style using Pioneer equipment is making a big impact.


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SYMBIOSIS is a creative agency headed by Yoshiaki Nakaichi, who has established a milestone of innovation in the VJ industry. The agency is responsible for the direction and development of live music and client events, as well as the creation of videos and installations at commercial facilities.
In addition, it also provides creator management, and artists with potential for new creative expressions such as cinematographers, concept artists, and VJs belong to the agency.


VJ Manami

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Amsterdam's largest techno music festival "Awakenings Festival", "NOT YEY FREE" (New York), "New Forms Festival" (Vancouver), "Zouk Out", "Ultra Singapore".In Japan, She has been VJ'ing at Fuji Rock Festival as well as doing concept visuals for Fuji Rock Festival "19. She has also performed at Summer Sonic, Ultra Japan, EDC Japan, WIRED MUSIC FESTIVAL, WOMB, Sound Museum Vision, ageHa and many other club events in Tokyo. She has participated as a designer for the visual installation at Spree in Berlin and the tour visuals for techno DJ Joris Voorn, and has been involved in a number of artist activities such as FENDI, AUDI, Diesel Red Tag x A COLD WALL, QUCON x Provided video works to Flagment and others. At the art fair event held at GRADATION Daikanyama, he exhibited an audio-visual installation "Dot by Dot", which synchronized lighting, music and video with movable LEDs.

The work is highly acclaimed for its borderless worldview, which is not bound by genre or framework, and for the highly designed images that are created in a space unique to VJ.


Masahiro Motoike

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Started lighting operations at a nightclub “LOOP”in Aoyama while attending a college.
From 2009, moved to Berlin, Germany to study sound and lighting technology.
After returning to Japan, joined Global Hearts Co., Ltd., which runs "Sound Museum Vision", "Contact" and other facilities and performed lighting plannings, lighting operations for existing facilities and consulting on lighting for new facilities.
After worked as a freelance, joined Faith Property, Inc. in 2018. Now directing lighting plannings and operations at Ginza / PLUSTOKYO as well as directing, lighting planning and operations for events held by Faith, Inc. utilizing the experience of operating at various night clubs and learning abroad. Widely acting as a lighting designer who understands sound and music better than anyone else.

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