clubberia and WOMB are teaming up to launch Cross Tokyo. The word "cross" means to cross, mix or experience. Or, it crosses content and media, music and video, academia and experience, past and future, classic and next generation.

From Tokyo to the World

Clubberia's 20 years of experience in the electric music scene and WOMB's 20 years of experience in bringing the world's current music to Tokyo. By crossing these experiences with the artists of the new generation, WOMB will be able to take over and open up a new era.

This project will also spotlight and support DJs, artists and creators who are building a new era. This is a participatory future project that will build a new era in the future. There is a person like this, I can do this! We want to bring the talent of the world to life. Join us and expand the possibilities!


Pioneering a new era

Turbulent times. Repeated destruction and rebirth, a new era and culture is being born. We will witness the miracle moment of this era, cross the diverse entertainment and Tokyo culture, and transmit it to the world. In search of the newness of Tokyo's unique culture.


For the first installment, we picked up Licaxxx, Ren Yokoi and Tsubasa Shimada, who are not only involved in DJing, but also trackmaking, street culture, fashion, acting and other cross-cultural activities. Under the theme of "The All-Time Best I'm Putting In", he discusses his thoughts on records, his thoughts on DJing and his own activities, and his theories on how to make artists.


It will be streamed online in two parts: a DJ performance and a talk session. In the future, we will be broadcasting not only on the clubberia and WOMB Youtube channels, but also participating in real events, talk sessions, and other content that incorporates real, online, and virtual reality.


Now, let's all go on a journey with us in a new era of participation!


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Licaxxx is a Tokyo based DJ, music producer, editor and radio personality.Making her DJ debut in 2010, she mainly focuses on machine techno and house tomanipulate the tension of the dance floor.She appeared in Boiler Room Tokyo in 2016. The video of her performance hasbeen played about 400,000 times. Other appearances include Fuji Rock, one of themost prominent and long lasting festivals in Japan. She has also played atEuropean club events such as CIRCOLOCO@DC10 , and provided mixes for NTSRadio and Rince France. DJs she performed along side with include Peggy Gou,Randomer, Mall Grab, DJ House, Anthony Naples, Max Greaf and Lapalux.Licaxxx is the organizer of ”Tokyo Community Radio”, a pirate video stream radioinspired by Gilles Peterson, where local DJs have shows regularly. While focusingon young talent, one of the goals of TCR is to become a place of interaction betweenforeign talent and local DJs.Licaxxx produces ambient music which has been used in shows of fashion brandsChika Kasai for their Milano collection and dressedundressed for their TokyoCollection.


Ren Yokoi (sHim)

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“A thoroughbred of Japanese Street culture, baptized with dance music.”


Born in 1992 Tokyo Japan, raised in Japan’s Hip Hop / Street culture. 

Lived over in the United States for his academics,  and learned the culture of dance music.

Since he officially started his career in 2014, he was soon assigned as a resident DJ for Tokyo’s very well known legendary party; World Connection at Contact Tokyo, est. 1988.

Year 2018 was a successful year for this young talent, where he played at big festivals such as Ultra Music Festival Japan Resistance, Sonic Mania Elrow, and also headlined at WOMB Tokyo for “#WOMB Ren Yokoi & Friends”.

His music productions are also highly valued: 2016S/S runway music for apparel brand 99%IS, game application GUNBIT theme track “Mainichi / Zeebra (produced by Ren Yokoi)”, etc.

“It’s all about domestic artists that gives a bright future to the scene” he says. 

“It’s about evolution. It’s about accepting the changes. No matter where you are, who you are. Proud to be a modern day Samurai”


Tsubasa Shimada

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Born in 1996, based in Japan. 
Tsubasa developed his career as  a dancer and  he was the part of a member of a boyband called PRIZMAX .
Besides being a dancer, he got a terrific collections of a vinyl records and being a DJ for quite a long time.
After going through various musical experiences from black music, he has now landed on dance music. A deep and minimal house / techno is his axis, and an eclectic selection of vinyls creates a unique and tricky groove.

Manami Sakamoto / VJ MANAMI

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Amsterdam's largest techno music festival "Awakenings Festival", "NOT YEY FREE" (New York), "New Forms Festival" (Vancouver), "Zouk Out", "Ultra Singapore".
In Japan, She has been VJ'ing at Fuji Rock Festival as well as doing concept visuals for Fuji Rock Festival "19. 
She has also performed at Summer Sonic, Ultra Japan, EDC Japan, WIRED MUSIC FESTIVAL, WOMB, Sound Museum Vision, ageHa and many other club events in Tokyo.

She has participated as a designer for the visual installation at Spree in Berlin and the tour visuals for techno DJ Joris Voorn, and has been involved in a number of artist activities such as FENDI, AUDI, Diesel Red Tag x A COLD WALL, QUCON x Provided video works to Flagment and others.
At the art fair event held at GRADATION Daikanyama, he exhibited an audio-visual installation "Dot by Dot", which synchronized lighting, music and video with movable LEDs.

 The work is highly acclaimed for its borderless worldview, which is not bound by genre or framework, and for the highly designed images that are created in a space unique to VJ.

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